Drug Treatment Centers

Locating a Drug Treatment Center

There are seemingly endless choices when one searches online for, “drug treatment centers.” But all drug treatment centers, prolific as they have become, fall into basic categories.

There is the holistic approach to treating addiction, which treats all areas of a persons life; their body, their mind, and their emotions or spirit. Other drug treatment centers treat addiction more specifically depression and anxiety as part of a “chemical imbalance,” often referred to as “Dual Diagnosis.” This refers to the duality of addiction plus a perceived psychiatric disorder. Then there are religious drug treatment centers, which focus on spirituality as the primary solution for addiction.

Drug treatment centers fall into six basic categories:

Holistic drug treatment centers

Twelve Step drug treatment centers
Cognitive Behavioral Therapy
Dual Diagnosis drug treatment centers

Wilderness survival (Lots of teen drug treatment centers have this aspect)
Disciplinary drug treatment centers

We don’t deal with disciplinary drug treatment centers because they don’t align with our idea of what is helpful. Dual diagnosis falls somewhat into this category due to the ongoing controversy around psychiatric medications. Without faulting anyone, we have yet to see a collective body of addicts who have been “fixed” using neurological drugs, and in fact, many people develop dependencies to these types of medications, even though they are not narcotics, and their withdrawal symptoms can be horrific. It’s like the old saying, “the cure is worse than the illness.”

The drug treatment centers we deal with are primarily holistic, twelve step with a holistic bend, and cognitive behavioral therapy. 99% of the people we help end up choosing the holistic drug treatment centers because they tend to be a much healthier choice overall. We believe that an addict or alcoholic can be brought fully back to an honest, winning, healthy state of being. Any addict, no matter the chaos which seems to dominate their existence, can again be productive, ethical, dependable, and can make choices which align with their conscience.

Restoring these qualities is the mission of the drug treatment centers we work with. It is their only mission. Call us today and let us help you find the right rehab center for you or your loved one. If you need a professional interventionist, we can arrange for that as well.

There are a hundred thousand drug treatment centers across the country, or more. Searching through them all to find the right one for you or your loved one is exactly why we’re here for you, to make finding the right drug treatment center easier. In fact, it takes a single call to our toll free number, any time of day, any day of the week.