Holistic Alcohol Treatment

Holistic Alcohol Treatment is, by far, the most effective treatment for helping someone with an alcohol addiction to achieve and maintain an addiction-free lifestyle. A study conducted in 1991 found that more than 60 percent of people who checked in to “traditional” drug and alcohol treatment centers had received treatment for their alcoholism previously, and […]... more

When Is Residential Alcohol Treatment a Good Idea?

By Jayson Bailey We all know that drug addiction is a dangerous disease that often requires the intervention of a drug addiction treatment center to aid recovery. However, too often alcohol addiction is overlooked when it comes to residential alcohol treatment options. To many, treatment options for alcoholism are limited to twelve-step meetings and weekly […]... more

How Does a Drug Addiction Treatment Center Help?

A qualified drug addiction treatment center can be a vital tool in helping those addicted to drugs or alcohol attain lasting sobriety. In fact, the chances of an addict becoming sober and staying sober are greatly increased when he or she attends a drug addiction treatment center, versus attempting to get sober on their own. […]... more

Residential Alcohol Treatment Centers: Hope for Addiction Recovery

For anyone suffering from alcohol addiction, Residential Alcohol Treatment Centers can literally be a life saver. These treatment centers offer hope for leaving a life of alcohol addiction behind and entering a new life of sober living. From initial detox through follow-up treatment after a patient’s stay, Residential Alcohol Treatment Centers provide comprehensive care and […]... more

Finding a residential alcohol treatment center is easier than ever with help

By Bailey James Making the decision to live a clean and sober life after suffering from addiction for however long you have been afflicted is a great choice to make. Finding the right residential alcohol treatment center is not as hard of a choice as going through recovery, but it can be just as important. […]... more

Drug and alcohol treatment centers are here to help, if you are willing

By Bailey James Asking for help is always a nerve-wracking thing. As Americans we are trained from a very young age to be independent and not always trust people who are willing and able to give us the help we sometimes need. However, in the case of addiction, most people have exhausted all outlets of […]... more

Drug and alcohol treatment centers are within reach

A lot of people believe that being admitted to any drug and alcohol treatment center will break the bank. Others worry it will be too hard to find one that can deal with how big your issue is; other mental or physical diagnoses you have had; or any of the myriad problems you are facing. […]... more

Researching drug and alcohol treatment centers might be the last hope

If you know of someone, whether it a loved friend or family member, who needs the help of an addictions specialist to fight and beat a habit that is ruining their lives, researching drug and alcohol treatment centers might be the only hope you have left. If you are the one suffering from an addiction […]... more

Christian Drug Treatment : What You Need to Know

Drug treatment is as personal as your experience of addiction. There is no one-size-fits-all approach when it comes to embarking on your journey to healing – nor should there be. Fortunately, practitioners have gotten wise to this fact and have created a multitude of drug treatment options. From inpatient to residential to outpatient programs, each […]... more

FAQs about holistic alcohol/drug treatment centers

There are thousands of alcohol/drug treatment centers in the United States, and an increasing number of them are focusing on providing holistic addiction treatment for their clients. Allopathic or conventional medicine has been the dominant model for medical treatment in the Western world for decades and has resulted in many major scientific breakthroughs that have […]... more